Peer Review Policy

International Journal of Scientific Methods in Computational Science and Engineering is an internationally refereed, Peer-Reviewed Multidisciplinary Open Access journal with e-ISSN: xxxx-xxxx, published by the GSE Publications. This journal publishes original research and review articles in Computational Science & Engineering, a rapidly growing multi- and interdisciplinary field. The IJSMCSE journal employs a Single Blind Review Process. Upon submission, all contributions undergo an initial assessment by the Editor to gauge their suitability and originality for the journal. Manuscripts or articles deemed fitting are then typically forwarded to a minimum of two independent Expert Reviewers in the relevant research area. These reviewers evaluate the scientific quality of the submissions. The Editor(s) holds the responsibility for the final decision on whether to accept or reject the manuscripts/articles. Submissions not rejected by peer reviewers are considered by the Editor, whose identity remains anonymous to the authors. If both independent Expert Reviewers recommend acceptance in their review reports, the Editor makes the final decision. In cases where one reviewer recommends acceptance and the other does not, the submission is promptly rejected by the Editor. Alternatively, the Editor may choose to engage a third Expert Reviewer to assess the manuscripts/articles. If the third reviewer recommends acceptance, the Editor may decide in favor of acceptance. However, the decision to call upon a third reviewer is at the discretion of the Editor, as maintaining the standards of the IJSMCSE Journal guides this choice.