Plagiarism Policy

Authors are obligated to ensure the creation of entirely original works. In cases where authors draw upon the work or words of others, proper citation or quotation is imperative. The IJSMCSE journal employs Crossref Similarity Check/Turnitin software tools to identify instances of plagiarism. To prevent plagiarism, IJSMCSE recommends the inclusion of proper acknowledgment and citation of others' work. A similarity or plagiarism rate of up to 25% is permissible, excluding references, as per the stringent plagiarism policy enforced by IJSMCSE. Authors are reminded that any ethical misconduct related to submitted or published manuscripts, including plagiarism, may result in an investigation by the journal. If misconduct is detected, the editor(s) may engage with the author(s) to seek clarification. In such cases, authors may be requested to provide a letter from the relevant institutional Ethics Committee or Board that approved the research or individual. Failure to comply with this request may lead to manuscript rejection or removal from the journal issue, even if the misconduct is discovered years after publication.